Formosa Azaleas
Rhododendron 'Indica Formosa'
Single flower
Pink Formosa Azalea
Purple Formosa Azalea
ORIGIN: Azaleas are found on
almost every continent. China and
New Guinea have the most.

WATER: Regular irrigation; not
particularly drought tolerant

LIGHT: Partial shade


FLOWER: Pink, purple, white and all
shades in between; large 3" flowers

SEASON OF BLOOM: Late winter
to early spring

COLD TOLERANCE: 10 degrees

USES: Addition to a woodland
garden; en masse under the canopy
of a tree(s); specimen plants.

OTHER: Azaleas prefer acidic soil
so be sure to keep the pH on the
high side. Be sure to do any pruning
immediately after flowering as they
will begin forming buds for the
following season shortly after