•        Rainy season is finally upon us which means
Hurricane Season has begun. If you haven’t thinned out
the large trees in your landscape, it’s not too late. Trees
that have been trimmed allow more air to flow through the
canopy reducing the chances of the trees blowing over in
a major storm.

•        At this time of the year very little will grow in the
vegetable garden. However, you can continue to plant
cherry tomatoes, okra and sweet potatoes
•        And since there isn’t much to do in the vegetable
garden, now is a great time to bake out nematodes in
your garden plots. Just cover the areas with clear plastic
and allow it to remain in place for at least six weeks. The
soil will heat up to a very high temperature, which will
eliminate the nematodes temporarily.

•        Few flowers tolerate the summer heat like
marigolds, salvia, zinnias and periwinkle. Plant some to
keep your gardens bright with color.

•        Pinch back poinsettia plants to make them bushy
for the holidays.

Current Specials
June Garden & Landscape Checklist

"There is not a spot of
ground, however arid, bare,
or ugly that cannot be

     Gertrude Jekyll
Bloomin' Now?
African Iris
Bird of Paradise
Blue Daze
Confederate Jasmine
Mexican Cigar Plant
Firecracker Plant
Crepe Myrtle

Plant Spotlight:
agnolia 'Little Gem'
Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem'

Viburnum                                     Was $10,                       Now $8.50

Ilex Schillings                              Was $10                      Now $8.50

Crepe Myrtles  4' - 6'                      Was $85                      Now $60

Crepe Myrtles 6' - 8'                     Was $125                    Now $75

Italian Cypress                               Was $70                      Now $49

Blooming Red Bottlebrush   Was $70/$100/$300  Now $50/$70/$200

Select Groundcovers                     Was $6                     Now $4

Podocarpus Hedge Plants 6'H      Was $85                      Now $45

Blooming 1g Perennials...............  $1.00-$4.00
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Do you love the look of the magnolia tree but have limited space in
your landscape? Do you want a tree that blooms most of the year yet
doesn’t overpower the rest of the landscape? Well, a ‘gem’ of a tree
was developed just for you…
Magnolia grandiflora
‘Little Gem’ is an
excellent choice for
the smaller yard or
garden. At maturity it
only reaches a height
of approximately 25’
-35’ tall and about 20’
wide. But that is only
one of its wonderful
traits. Its greatest
attribute is its flowering
cycle. This tree will
begin blooming late
spring/early summer
and will continue to
bloom all year long!
Today is January 7,
2006 and our trees
are STILL blooming
from last year. And
although they have
been bred to have a
smaller stature, the
flowers are just as big
and fragrant as their
relative southern
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With all it’s good
qualities it isn’t a
wonder that it is one of
the most popular
flowering trees in
central Florida. It truly
is a ‘gem of a tree’.
and will continue to bloom all year long! And although they have been
bred to have a smaller stature, the flowers are just as big and fragrant
as their relative southern magnolias.
This magnolia has smaller leaves than the traditional magnolia and the
canopy can be quite dense. It is an evergreen tree so it can provide
both privacy and/or shade if either is required.
The tree prefers a full sun location for best flowering and growth, and
does best with regular irrigation. It can be used as a specimen or focal
point in your landscape, a flowering shade tree, or even an espalier.
Why, we have even seen it used as a short, trimmed hedge around a
porch. A very versatile plant indeed.