•        Along with the cooler weather come the fall flowers
for your garden. Plant calendula, snapdragons, pansies,
petunias and sweet peas to name a few.

•        And you can continue to plant that cool season
vegetable crop as well. Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli,
spinach, peas, carrots and radishes will love the cooler
weather and shorter days.

•        Autumn is caterpillar feeding time. You may have
noticed these fuzzy worms in your landscape. Good
controls include hand picking or spraying with any
product containing BT.

•        Continue to keep your poinsettias, kalanchoes, and
holiday cacti where they can’t receive any artificial light to
keep them on schedule for the holidays.

•        Watch that temperature closely. If we have a major
dip in the mercury, you may want to protect or bring in
any cold sensitive foliage such as the houseplants you
moved outside for the summer months.

•        Celebrate the end of Hurricane Season on
November 30th.
Current Specials
November Garden & Landscape Checklist

"Autumn is a second
spring when every leaf is a

Albert Camus
Bloomin' Now?
Blue Daze
Mexican Cigar Plant
Firecracker Plant
Mexican Petunia
Butterfly ginger
Plant Spotlight:
chillings Dwarf Yaupon Holly
Ilex  vomitoria 'Schillings'

Viburnum                                     Was $10,                       Now $8.50

Ilex Schillings                              Was $10                      Now $8.50

Crepe Myrtles  4' - 6'                      Was $85                      Now $60

Crepe Myrtles 6' - 8'                     Was $125                    Now $75

Blooming Red Bottlebrush   Was $100/$300             Now $75/$200

Select Groundcovers                     Was $6                     Now $4

Podocarpus Hedge Plants 5'H      Was $85                      Now $45

Blooming 1g Perennials                                                     $4.00
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  If you need a plant that is hardy, long-lived, evergreen, compact, and
versatile then you absolutely need to put Schillings Dwarf Yaupon Holly
on your plant wish-list!
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Ilex ‘Schillings’ is a wonderful plant that can be used in just about any
landscape situation. Because of its fairly slow but symmetrical growth it
makes an excellent foundation planting. One plant, left alone with little
to no pruning, will become a beautiful green sphere. When planted in
a row they can be sheared into a formal ‘box’ hedge and when planted
en masse grow together to become what looks like one massive plant.
They can be used as a short border around garden beds and can
even be trimmed to interesting shapes and bonsai. Some folks when
they describe this plant say it’s a bush that is green and doesn’t
flower. Well, it does flower in the spring with very small, greenish-white
flowers that are fairly non-descript. This is a plant that is grown more
for architectural form rather than flowers.
  Ilex ‘Schillings’ has
profuse small, oval, green
leaves approximately 1”
long covering a very
dense branching
structure. They are a slow
to moderate grower with a
maximum height of 3’ – 4’
and a width to 6’ although
4’ – 5’ is more common.
They prefer a well-
drained soil and a full sun
position however they will
also do well in a partial
sun location. When grown
in low light they tend to
stretch and get ‘twiggy’.
And talk about tough!
They laugh at heat and
cold and scoff at drought
(once established),
insects and disease.  
So when you’re
planning your
landscape, save
room for a few of
these versatile
plants. They won’t